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Football/Soccer is the true passion of Brazil. Our country was and still is the “nation of football”, with several generations of stars in this sport. This passion is even more evident during the World Championship, when everyone discusses all aspects of the championship, from the selection of the players to the celebration of the winning team.

With extensive experience in health and well-being in its medical team, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein recognized the opportunity to share relevant and specialized knowledge using this sport and created the #SaúdeEmCampo campaign.

The details of this campaign are described below.

Chuteira e bola
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To take part in the World Championship, football and sports buzz, the Einstein Communication team carried out a prior survey on the expectations and the main digital search criteria related to sports and physical exercises (i.e. terms most often searched, which could be included in dynamic videos for Youtube and exclusive content for Instagram, Facebook and the Vida Saudável blog).

After this initial discovery phase, a content segmentation strategy was developed, in order to ensure high potential for dissemination and visibility of the spokespersons and services associated with Einstein and its physicians.

The content was prepared in current and digital-focused language to promote engagement and surf on the wave of trending discussions, and was made available in advance to generate relevance in searches during the World Championship matches and enabling real-time access.


Created with the aim of increasing the amount of relevant content on health, sport and well-being in Einstein’s digital ecosystem during the months of the World Championship, the #SaúdeEmCampo campaign brought to the world of football a closer look from medical experts on predefined themes and hot topics discussed in social media and press.

An informative campaign based on “Did you know?”, questions and situations related to the matches (injuries, stress, anxiety, physical fitness, doping, recovery, high performance, etc.) explained in very accessible terms by some of the most renowned medical specialists in the country.

Dr. Luciano Miller Rodrigues - Traumatologista
Dr. Luiz Gustavo Zoldan - Psiquiatra
Uniforme + apito na vertical
Ivan Machado - Fisioterapeuta

In total, 34 pieces were created and published, including videos (a series of 16 videos and shorts available on Einstein’s YouTube channel), infographics, articles for the Vida Saudável blog, posts and stories for social media.

The quality of pieces produced for the campaign goes beyond the transient nature of the largest football event in the world, being a timeless reference on health in sport for future views and internet searches.

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Impact and Results

Redes Sociais: 435.172 interações; 524.622 impressões; 34 conteúdos publicados Blog: 1.101 visitas; 87% novos usuários; 2.868 visualizações de página 5 matérias produzidas para a campanha foram publicadas também em importantes meios brasileiros:

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