The community
of Paraisópolis

Paraisópolis is the second largest favela in the city of São Paulo/SP and the fifth largest in Brazil, paradoxically bordering one of the richest neighborhoods in the country.

For more than 50 years, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein has been active there, either through social enterprises or, more recently, through the management of public health units and the creation of the PECP - Einstein Program in the Community of Paraisópolis.

Despite the bond and geographical proximity between Einstein and the community, there is an important hurdle in access to information. These social walls needed to be broken so that the subject of health could reach the community more effectively.

As of 2022, a new communication project became part of our activities in Paraisópolis, generating real impact and helping to bring transformation to the community: Repórter Paraisópolis, or Paraisópolis Reporter.

Here are additional details about this program.

Foto Repórteres e Entrevistados do programa

The program

Created by the Institutional Communication of Hospital Albert Einstein and carried out in partnership with the Einstein Program in the Community of Paraisópolis (PECP), Repórter Paraisópolis is a community journalism program made by and for the residents of Paraisópolis.

A project that, instead of talking about health only to and about the community (from a remote perspective, from the outside in), encourages the production of original content that makes sense to the daily lives of the people in the community, guided and produced by those who know it up close and personal: its own residents, as conveyors of their own reality and main disseminators of health information.

The proposed themes have a direct correlation to the problems and the reality of Paraisópolis. The course, in addition to training, includes a biannual magazine +SQ – Mais Saúde na Quebrada.

Foto galeria
Foto galeria
+SQ - Mais Saúde Na Quebrada - Espalhando vitalidade por toda Paraisópolis

The reporters conceive and produce stories that are published in the magazine +Saúde na Quebrada, with a graphic and editorial approach focused on connecting with the target audience, in a way that makes sense to them. +SQ, as we call it, is distributed in print and digital formats, on our website,, and social media (Instagram and WhatsApp).

In its first year, Repórter Paraisópolis had 27 students enrolled and 11,000 printed copies of the magazine +Saúde na Quebrada.

Distribution of the magazine in the streets of the community.

Impact and Results


Several mentions in
portals and websites

2 articles in the newspaper
Folha de São Paulo

Folha de São Paulo - Matéria Folha de São Paulo - Matéria Folha de São Paulo - Matéria
Folha de São Paulo - Matéria Folha de São Paulo - Matéria Folha de São Paulo - Matéria
G1 - Matéria

1 television piece on Telejornal SPTV – Globo SP

Future actions

In 2023, Repórter Paraisópolis will have greater digital relevance, with videos and innovative content, promoting the program and the community to the world.

It is estimated that the number of young people interested in participating in the course will increase along with the visibility that the project will gain on the ground, in the traditional media and on social media.

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

With over 60 years of existence, Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein maintains the same foundations: to innovate and grow, always striving for excellence. In addition to two private hospitals, it manages 30 units of the Brazilian National Health System (SUS, which provides free care to the entire population), and operates in the areas of Social Responsibility, Teaching, Research and Innovation.

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein was considered by the Newsweek World’s Best Specialized Hospitals 2023 ranking the best hospital in Brazil and Latin America in three specialties: Gastroenterology, Oncology and Orthopedics. The hospital also achieved prominent positions in seven other specialties, being recognized, in 10 of the award’s 11 areas.

It is a reference in treatments with cutting-edge technology and humanized care.